Janet Peterson’s Love of Music

August 2014 – This is a letter submitted by Janet Peterson, Chautauqua Adult Day Care’s Music Director.janet P

I have loved music from early years as a child, singing and playing the piano. I sang in church choir and school choir.  After spending a summer working at Chautauqua, I decided to pursue learning to play the pipe organ.

In and around raising a family, there was getting my BA degree in music, teaching piano for 25 years, playing organ for church services, weddings and funerals.  Directing Children and youth choirs was a great joy for many years.

Now as music director for the Adult Day Care, I am blessed by the people who love to sing.  We go out into the community and spread a lot of happiness through music.

After a lifetime of music it still renews and brings joy!

Janet Peterson

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