Intergenerational Senior Prom

May 2014 – The Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers, Inc. held an Intergenerational “Senior Prom” at their Taft Center location in Jamestown with the theme of, “A Moment in Time” This event includedprom2014 participants from all four Senior Day locations, families, as well as 35 Boces Health Career Students who assisted with the event.    There were students from other local surrounding schools who attended as well.

The two generations were together and built a truly memorable experience.  All participants were dressed formally along with the students.  The hall was filled with color from all of the dresses and ties.  The decorations were amazing and the room was magnificent.   All who attended enjoy the event.

All the ladies that participated in the prom had the opportunity to get their hair styled by the students form Boces as well as get their makeup and a manicure done.   The Senior Day Program provided refreshments for all.  The decorations were made by the participants.  All of the participants entered Darrah Hall at the Taft Center location and got their picture taken in front of a large clock with a staircase made by the Dunkirk participants.  These pictures were then developed and given as favors for the participants to enjoy.

The music entertainment was donated by Ken Hardley (a favorite of the participants) who provided music for all ages to enjoy.   There was dancing throughout the day with the students and participants.  Also joining us for the event was the Office for the Aging Director Maryann Spanos and Assemblyman Andrew Goodall.

The Senior Day Programs Associate Director, Karen Lucks crowned the prom court for this very special event.  The Prince of this event was Harold Lehman from the Dunkirk Center of the Chautauqua Adult Day Care, and the Princess from the Westfield Center, Emma Lapcezic.  The King of this event was Tom Harvey, from the Present Center location and the Queen from the Taft Center location was Janet Baker.

The Mission of the Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers, Inc. is to provide a program of services for frail or impaired older adults in a secure group setting enhancing quality of life, delaying institutionalization, and providing respite for caregivers.  This Intergenerational “Senior Prom” was a great opportunity for generations to come together and build lasting memories and the Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers, Inc. feels that they accomplished their mission of enhancing the quality of life of their participants.
Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers Inc., a not for profit United Way agency, offers affordable Senior Day Programs for adults sixty years of age and older who live in the community. The agency has four sites that serve all of Chautauqua County.  The programs provide socialization and offer many opportunities for older adults to participate in activities during the day in a caring friendly atmosphere with supportive staff and companionship.

The sites provide breakfast, snack and a noon time meal for participants.  There is also a Community Recreation Program that helps persons participate in outings in the community and the sites offer pet therapy, ceramics, music programs, arts and crafts and much more on an ongoing basis.  Funding is available. For more information visit or call Westfield – 326-6842, Jamestown- 664-9759, or Dunkirk – 366-8786.

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