My Experience with Chautauqua Adult Day Care

by Kathleen Sullivan

March 2014 – Hi.  My name is Kathleen Sullivan and I would like to tell you about one of my favorite places, Chautauqua Adult Day Care Center located at the Taft Center.  I have been coming hereK Sullivan_web for six years.  I started coming to the Taft Center when I began to have some physical problems, one of which was loosing my balance and falling.  I live alone except for one fat cat.  I was apprehensive about being alone.

I had a friend who was on the staff at the Taft Center and he was always talking about how much fun he had there.  I then went to check it out for myself.  At first, there were times when I didn’t like it there.  They wanted me to join in, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to.  I did learn that the activities were good for me.  I was lucky enough to find the right doctor and with the right medicines and the assistance of Chautauqua Adult Day Care, I got better.  By that time I was hooked on the Taft Center and wanted to keep attending.

The Center has a lot to offer.  There are card and board games along with modified sport games.  There are chair exercises, which we all need.  We also have ceramics and a vegetable garden.  Groups go out to various restaurants and shopping.  At holiday time, we have parties with music and refreshments.  In the morning we can have a small breakfast and in the afternoon there is a snack.  Our lunch comes from the Office for the Aging.

My favorite thing at the Taft Center is the music group, the “Happy Grams”. Most of us are average singers who just want to sing.  Once a week we travel to a nursing home or senior housing building to sing for the residents.  It is a lot of fun.

I am a Navy veteran.  The VA will pay for two days a week at the Center.  I did not know this when I first came.  If you are a veteran please take advantage of this benefit which you are entitled to.  Don’t be embarrassed by any physical limitations you may have.  Some of us are in wheel chairs, some use walkers, and others use oxygen.  Don’t worry about transportation.  If you live in the city, a Day Care Bus will pick you up and take you home.  If you live in the country, CARTS will provide transportation.

What I like best about the Center is that we are like a family.  We are here to help each other.  There are two Social Workers who will help with any problems you may have.  Please come and be a part of our family.  Try us, you’ll like us.

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