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Monthly Archives: March 2014

By Anna Sexton, Medicaid Case Manager February 2014 – Everyday is a day worth celebrating for the staff, administration, and clients at Chautauqua Adult Day Care Centers, Inc.  and Valentine’s Day is no exception!  With its historical and legendary roots in both religion and romanticism, February 14th is a day long known for bringing together, celebrating love and friendship, and recognizing the good in our fellow mankind. Longtime CADC employees and Taft… Read More

March 2014 – Recently, participants at the Chautauqua  Adult Day Care, Present Center enjoyed a karaoke day,  thanks to Rose Loverme, a local resident who volunteers and provides musical  entertainment for those  who come to the program. In her “Reminisce  with Rose” show,  she encourages participants to sing a song, by handing them the microphone and providing  the music.  Those not wanting to sing, are encouraged to clap, tap their  toes, or… Read More

by Kathleen Sullivan March 2014 – Hi.  My name is Kathleen Sullivan and I would like to tell you about one of my favorite places, Chautauqua Adult Day Care Center located at the Taft Center.  I have been coming here for six years.  I started coming to the Taft Center when I began to have some physical problems, one of which was loosing my balance and falling.  I live alone except for… Read More

March 2014 – Chautauqua Adult Day Care at the Present Center,  continues  to offer a variety of programs  for its participants.  One  such program is Pet Therapy.  We have  been very fortunate to have  some local community members visit our site, and bring their pets to visit with us. These have included, Rabbits, Goats, Turtles,  and even baby chicks,  to name a few. Recently,  one such visit took place, as good friends… Read More

March 2014 – Recently, The New Covenant Assembly Church called Chautauqua Adult Day Care and inquired if our participants would like to be a part of helping the church send cards overseas to the soldiers who are fighting for for our freedoms in foreign lands. Melinda Rojas, Program Coordinator at the Taft Center location thought this project would be a wonderful idea for the participants. Chautauqua Adult Day Care was honored by… Read More