Over 18 Years of Happiness

February 2014 – Hello, my name is Becky Abbey.  Around 18 years ago,  I came to Chautauqua Adult Day Care on a job hunt.  What I walked into was a new world of friends and family. For many years I photo (4)had worked as an aide in nursing homes or in the therapy departments. I also cooked in restaurants and dabbled in some catering on the side. As both of my parents became ill, I needed to pursue a job with a more flexible schedule.  The flexibility would enable me to give them the care they needed. An opportunity to work at CADC opened that door for me.

What a  surprise for me to find a program that offers so much for the seniors of our community. In my many years here, I learned to wear many hats: Activities aide, program director, bus driver, and even cook. They were all a wonderful learning experience. My favorite program to partake in was to be the choir director of the “ Happy Grams” senior choir.  They take trips throughout the community to sing and share happiness, joy, and love.

All of my experiences at Chautauqua Adult Day Care have been very rewarding and I will miss it very much.   Now I am moving forward in retirement to spend more time with my husband of 20 years and our children. This was one of the greatest  experiences in my life.

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